04:32 Ticket #1810 (Open with explorer on files) closed by mikematic


10:04 Ticket #1826 (Malfunction on "Eigenschaften" editor) created by Wolfgang.Lachmann@…
My last version of Jajuk is 1.9.6. The OS are Ubuntu 11.04, 11.10, Mint …


22:29 Ticket #1825 (OSX 10.7 - UI doesn't work after minimize/maximize) created by info@…
Starting Jajuk. If I minimize Jajuk and then put it again to front I'm not …


20:22 Ticket #1820 (Webradio with wrong URL produce no error message) reopened by bflorat
Thanks for reporting. All right, I reopen this ticket. There are …
20:18 Ticket #1824 (Some webradios doesn't play with mplayer but do with VLC) created by OliverS
by OliverS "these stations work fine: Bluemars [Ambient/Space?-Music] …


11:38 Ticket #1739 (Better radio-station management) closed by bflorat
duplicate: This is done in Gute Laune thx the new Webradio view (radios are grouped …
11:32 Ticket #1559 (Unit tests enhancements) closed by bflorat
fixed: Most of this has been done.


00:00 Milestone 1.9.6 completed


15:59 Ticket #1823 (Disable videos) closed by bflorat
fixed: Done for 1.10.
15:57 Ticket #1823 (Disable videos) created by bflorat
Jajuk has not been designed for videos in mind even if videos are managed. …


20:43 Ticket #1809 (Properties: Changing tag multiple files - Dont recognizes blanks) closed by bflorat
fixed: I can't reproduce but I suspect that you used tab key to switch from Album …
16:55 Ticket #1799 (Song scrobbles to last.fm even if played only 1-2 seconds from the end) closed by bflorat
fixed: Done in develop and 1.9.6 branch. Note that I can't find any reference to …
16:45 Ticket #1822 (Last.FM user/pwd/proxy changes not token into account) closed by bflorat
fixed: Fixed into develop and 1.9.6 branches.
16:43 Ticket #1822 (Last.FM user/pwd/proxy changes not token into account) created by bflorat
A Last.FM user/pwd setting or a proxy setting change in Preferences view …
13:50 Ticket #1797 (unable to change tags) closed by bflorat
fixed: After more investigations, I finally reproduced this and it was not …
10:07 Ticket #1794 (Jajuk won´t play music under OS X Lion) closed by bflorat
worksforme: Cannot reproduce under Leopard and no logs provided -> closing. Feel …


19:33 Ticket #1811 ("AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ...) closed by bflorat
fixed: The simple-validation-0.4.jar we provide contains the required …
12:11 Ticket #1801 (Just getting the hang of it) closed by bflorat
12:10 Ticket #1775 (Duplication de couverture) closed by bflorat
invalid: Closed due to lack of information. Feel free to reopen.
12:06 Ticket #1812 (Tracks missing if collection is above 1 TB) closed by bflorat
12:06 Ticket #1805 (Jajuk Installation Hangs) closed by bflorat
worksforme: Closed due to lack of information. Cannot reproduce under Seven 32 bits. …
12:03 Ticket #1788 (Unreliable read / refresh of albums - many are missing) closed by bflorat
worksforme: CLose to lack of information, feel free to reopen.
12:00 Ticket #1793 (Problem refreshing SMB drive / high network load) closed by bflorat
wontfix: We close as it's probably an hardware issue, feel free to reopen if …
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