17:25 Ticket #1165 ([Preferences] Move "Rebuild thumbs" button to preference) closed by bflorat
fixed: Done
17:20 Ticket #1208 (Problem loading some playlists) closed by bflorat
fixed: Fixed
17:18 Ticket #1179 (New automatic rating system) closed by bflorat
fixed: Done
17:18 Ticket #888 (Cross fade doesn't work on Debian and if enabled, jajuk plays only ...) closed by bflorat
17:17 Ticket #947 (Replace entagged by JAudioTagger) closed by bflorat
fixed: Done (patch provided by Sylvain Gaudard)
17:15 Ticket #1155 (Show more progress information) closed by bflorat
fixed: Prepare phase has been removed. We now show progress bars in undeterminate …
17:14 Ticket #974 (Tagging from Tracks View has no effect) closed by bflorat
fixed: Upcoming 1.7 contains new id3 library that should fix this issue. Feel …
17:11 Ticket #989 ("creating custom properties" window, explicative line) closed by bflorat
wontfix: Doc should be enough
17:08 Ticket #1054 (add more explicative details in DJ and Ambiance wizard) closed by bflorat
wontfix: The manual should be enough
17:07 Ticket #1051 (Remove Alarm wizard message checkbox) closed by bflorat
wontfix: This is ok this the checkbox
17:05 Ticket #1130 (no stars when not rated) closed by bflorat
fixed: Done
01:31 Ticket #1212 (tracks tree is broken) created by machpo
When viewing the tracks tree by artist, the structure is messed up - …


22:32 Ticket #1211 (CDDB issue) closed by bflorat
22:32 Ticket #1211 (CDDB issue) created by bflorat
If an album has more than 10 tracks, the CDDB table has sorting issues …


09:04 Ticket #1210 (Better album playing) created by Guy_M
New features suggested : "play previous track in current album" and "push …


21:41 Ticket #1206 (Wrong shell and java.libary.path in startscript) closed by bflorat
fixed: You're absolutely right. Moreover, we even don't use any JNI under linux …


22:53 Ticket #1132 (Copy URL to clipboard) closed by bflorat
fixed: Done in 1.7 trunk from snapshot 12


16:52 Ticket #1209 (Using a custom directory to store the jajuk configuration) closed by bflorat
fixed: Yes, you can set a new workspace location from Preference view / Advanced …
12:26 Ticket #1209 (Using a custom directory to store the jajuk configuration) created by flzicmu@…
Hello, First I want to say that your soft is a really fantastic I would …


22:35 Ticket #1208 (Problem loading some playlists) created by bflorat
Jajuk cannot parse m3u playlist entries containing non-flat entries like …


22:26 Ticket #1207 (Direct song tagging) reopened by JoeNazz
Okay, in basics a good function, but the way to tag a song is to long. - …
21:23 Ticket #1207 (Direct song tagging) closed by bflorat
fixed: Hi This already exists and is named custom properties. Please check …


21:52 Ticket #1207 (Direct song tagging) created by JoeNazz
Maybe a new function can be added to jajuk: As I hear a song, I would …
15:42 Ticket #1206 (Wrong shell and java.libary.path in startscript) created by anonymous
Hi, I just tried jajuk 1.6.4 on Solaris 10. I've used the java-installer. …


23:19 Ticket #1205 (Play resumed by volume button) closed by bflorat
wontfix: Well... I now remember. This is the mplayer behavior to resume a play when …
17:37 Ticket #1205 (Play resumed by volume button) created by phil DOT sparrow {at) gmail DOT com
Hi guys, fantastic proogram, i really like it (I'm a Java developer too). …
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