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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1925 Play the playlist without add tracks Functional Discussion bflorat new 04/25/13
#1790 Some very rare files can't be played Core 1.9.5 Limitation bflorat new 08/17/11
#1899 Cover download automatic Any (Default Component) Feature bflorat new 12/31/12
#95 MPC tag support Any (Default Component) Feature bflorat reopened 10/22/04
#1066 [queue view] Hitting the Return key should play a song and not go to the next one Any (Default Component) 1.6-trunk Feature new 04/28/08
#1564 Moving and deleting toolbars User Interface 1.8.4 Feature new 03/14/10
#1623 Queue improvement: Edit metadata Functional 1.9RC3 Feature new 05/08/10
#1973 new feature request: remote DAAP server Functional 1.10.6 Feature bflorat new 10/06/13
#1820 Webradio with wrong URL produce no error message Functional 1.9.5 Known issue bflorat reopened 02/14/12
#1824 Some webradios doesn't play with mplayer but do with VLC Core 1.9.6 Known issue bflorat new 02/26/12
#219 Display only known files in playlists Functional 1.3.10 Limitation bflorat assigned 10/22/05
#1325 Full screen mode doesn't work using Java Web Start Functional 1.8-trunk Limitation new 05/27/09
#1752 Maximise/Resize Window does not fill entire screen User Interface 1.9.1 Limitation Sesamstrasse new 01/03/11
#2050 Systray / full screen limitations with Gnome Shell (Gnome 3) User Interface Limitation bflorat new 08/24/14
#1792 Covers Functional 1.9.5 Discussion new 09/09/11
#1612 External browser features not available under KDE Functional 1.8.4 Limitation new 04/30/10
#1972 I can't edit my tracks' info Any (Default Component) 1.9.5 Support Requests bflorat new 09/17/13
#530 genre selection for ambiences does not show all genres User Interface 1.4.4 To be reproduced bflorat reopened 06/11/07
#1652 Parts of GUI are not automatically refreshed User Interface 1.9-dev Known issue new 05/19/10
#556 Blank screen under Linux Core 1.3.10 Known issue bflorat assigned 06/25/07

1.10.8 Release (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#2056 Set rating visual from 4 to 5 stars Functional 1.10.7 Task bflorat new 11/19/14
#2053 no entry in wikipedia User Interface 1.10.7 Bug bflorat new 09/26/14

1.11 "Deepest Blue" Release (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1846 [Windows] Rewind / forward keystrokes doesn't work User Interface 1.10dev Known issue bflorat new 08/09/12
#1827 Forced Refresh Issue Any (Default Component) Bug bflorat new 03/26/12
#1556 Refactor playlists types Refactoring 1.9-dev Task new 02/24/10
#1988 Problem with capital or small letters Core 1.9.6 Task bflorat new 01/09/14
#2004 New "create playlist" in files tree view Functional 1.10.6 Task bflorat new 03/19/14

1.7.1 Release (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1263 [Playlists] New playlists not refreshed User Interface 1.7 Bug reopened 03/10/09

To Be Decided by Jajuk Team Release (72 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#338 Palm architecture Core Feature bflorat new 02/06/07
#363 provide manual in pdf format / ipod Functional Feature bflorat new 02/28/07
#380 Add a ratting on playlists Functional Feature bflorat new 02/28/07
#409 Have a rating profil per user Functional Feature bflorat new 02/28/07
#440 Utilize MusicBrainz data for tagging Functional Feature bflorat new 03/05/07
#522 y'z Dock Functional 1.3.10 Feature bflorat new 06/09/07
#582 Bluetooth A2DP comptability Functional Feature bflorat assigned 07/16/07
#967 [album properties] more details and cover User Interface 1.5 Feature new 03/02/08
#977 Small screenshot/pictures inside Tip of the day window Documentation 1.6-trunk Feature bflorat assigned 03/08/08
#1085 [table] new menu entry: "restore default column selection" Any (Default Component) 1.6-trunk Feature new 05/02/08
#1201 Check update for Beta version Any (Default Component) Feature new 10/01/08
#1202 Jajuk pop up to desktop background Any (Default Component) Feature new 10/01/08
#1210 Better album playing Any (Default Component) Feature new 10/30/08
#1268 I want to modify (with a button) the speed of the tune Any (Default Component) Feature new 03/17/09
#1328 cfg file for anyremote Any (Default Component) Feature new 06/01/09
#1330 Option to ignore leading "The" when sorting by Artist name Any (Default Component) Feature new 06/03/09
#1340 compute album year if absent from the track years as min-max or comma separated Any (Default Component) Feature new 06/20/09
#1425 Streaming Jajuk output Any (Default Component) Feature new 08/28/09
#1431 Drive Ambience from a user selected field Any (Default Component) 1.8.1 Feature new 09/09/09
#1432 ability to send tracks & albums to a playlist Any (Default Component) Feature new 09/09/09
#1453 Howto achieve true gapless playing Core 1.8.1 Feature bflorat new 10/14/09
#1498 Set new start and/or end point Any (Default Component) 1.8.2 Feature new 12/01/09
#1538 tag support Any (Default Component) 1.9-dev Feature new 01/24/10
#1576 Custom themes User Interface 1.9-dev Feature new 03/28/10
#1581 Better Keyboard shortcut for search User Interface 1.9RC1 Feature new 03/29/10
#1618 Song Rating bug: Voiding queue makes song stop playing, causes poor rating. Functional Feature reopened 05/07/10
#1619 Song Rating bug: Quitting application causes poor song rating for currently playing song Functional 1.9RC3 Feature new 05/07/10
#1624 Queue improvement: Search User Interface 1.9RC3 Feature new 05/08/10
#1632 Usability: Yes/No/Cancel on deep-scan of collection. Any (Default Component) Feature new 05/08/10
#1675 Fixed-length columns User Interface 1.9RC4 Feature new 05/31/10
#1681 Show used heap size Core 1.8.3 Feature bflorat new 06/11/10
#1692 BMP support for covers User Interface 1.9RC5 Feature new 07/07/10
#1803 Play audio CDs Any (Default Component) 1.9.5 Feature new 12/11/11
#1856 Add new source that shall never be refreshed => only be visible in file-view Functional Feature bflorat new 08/26/12
#1884 Add start minimized option User Interface 1.10.3 Feature bflorat new 11/23/12
#170 Sorting for identical directories Functional 1.4 Known issue bflorat new 04/23/05
#872 List and possibilty to edit and rename the custom property Any (Default Component) 1.5-trunk Task bflorat assigned 01/13/08
#982 [custom property] description field Any (Default Component) 1.6-trunk Task new 03/08/08
#1004 More configuration persistence User Interface 1.6-trunk Task new 03/23/08
#1058 Option to disable online lyrics retrieval Functional 1.6-trunk Task new 04/25/08
#1389 [Packaging] Move remaining ant code to maven Refactoring 1.8-rc Task new 08/05/09
#1804 Hide perspective bar User Interface 1.9.5 Task new 12/11/11
#425 Cache of offline sources from MP3 CD Functional Feature bflorat new 03/01/07
#442 SPC, MOD, IT playback support Core Feature bflorat new 03/09/07
#493 Set covers manually Functional Feature bflorat new 05/27/07
#800 Automatic scrolling lyrics Functional 1.4 Feature bflorat assigned 11/19/07
#841 Statistics for top list of my favourite artists Any (Default Component) 1.5-trunk Feature bflorat assigned 12/29/07
#1138 [Slimbar] drop down button for ratting on play button (thx X-site) User Interface 1.6 Feature new 05/24/08
#1577 GUI: Sexing-up the view panel header style User Interface 1.9RC1 Feature new 03/29/10
#1598 Multitagging Core 1.9 Feature bflorat new 04/07/10
#1608 Add new options to track context menu User Interface 1.9-dev Feature new 04/30/10
#1634 Usability: Please don't force-destroy perspectives without prompting User Interface 1.9RC3 Feature new 05/09/10
#1234 Cross fade duration kept after DJ selection Core 1.6 Limitation bflorat new 12/26/08
#1818 [Unix] Problem with Java Installer and space(s) in the path Packaging 1.9.5 Limitation bflorat new 02/13/12
#347 Advanced search functions Functional Task bflorat new 02/06/07
#356 Use JGoodies Validation API User Interface Task new 02/06/07
#487 Display position User Interface Task centric new 05/19/07
#928 More Keyboard shortcuts.. User Interface 1.5 Task Sesamstrasse new 02/05/08
#1580 Shortcuts for View Buttons User Interface 1.9RC1 Task new 03/29/10
#562 search all covers at one Functional 1.3.8 Feature bflorat new 06/29/07
#632 Disk cache Functional 1.3.11 Feature bflorat assigned 08/29/07
#790 Backup URL for webradios Functional 1.4 Feature bflorat new 11/14/07
#1026 DJ function - two players for different sound cards Any (Default Component) 1.5.1 Feature new 04/01/08
#1056 Support for .cue files Core To Be Decided by Jajuk Team Feature bflorat new 04/25/08
#1121 [Playlist, FIFO, queue view]: making Jajuk userfriendly, welcome back the "playlist editor" Functional 1.6-trunk Feature new 05/12/08
#1180 Sleep function (shut down the computer) Any (Default Component) 1.6.3 Feature new 08/20/08
#1184 Albums popups : make album name a link User Interface 1.6.4 Feature new 08/27/08
#1582 Void entry in task bar for information dialog User Interface 1.9RC1 Known issue new 03/29/10
#345 New stats in the stat view, with tabs. User Interface Task bflorat assigned 02/06/07
#346 Equalizer Functional 1.4-trunk Task bflorat new 02/06/07
#348 Visual effects / spectrum analyzer User Interface Task bflorat new 02/06/07
#351 Synchronization enhancements Core Task bflorat new 02/06/07
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