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LINE 8:    (CASE WHEN strftime('%s','now') - changetime > 86400
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SELECT p.value AS __color__,
   id AS ticket, summary, component, 
   t.type AS _type, 
   owner, status,
   time AS created,
   (CASE WHEN strftime('%s','now') - changetime > 86400
        THEN round( ((strftime('%s','now') - changetime) / 86400),0) || ' days'
        WHEN strftime('%s','now') - changetime > 3600
        THEN round( ((strftime('%s','now') - changetime)/3600),0) || ' hours'
        ELSE round( ((strftime('%s','now') - changetime)/60),0) || ' mins'
    END) AS LastModified,
   description AS _description   
  FROM ticket t
  LEFT JOIN enum p ON p.name = t.priority AND p.type = 'priority'
  WHERE t.type IN ('Discussion') AND status <> 'closed' 
  ORDER BY changetime
) AS tab
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